After two and a half years of planning, Project Playground was built as a labor of love by teams of volunteers during May of 2007. For the last ten years, Project Playground has been maintained and improved by the Friends of the Playground, CBJ, and SAIL.

The April 24 fire that burned down Project Playground sent a ripple of concern across our community and statewide. Fundraisers were held by many entities and the Juneau Community Foundation is serving as a conduit to help manage the funds. Several members of the initial Steering Committee, together with CBJ, formed a new Steering Committee to help guide the process of rebuilding Project Playground.

The Steering Committee is working with the community to rebuild Project Playground. This will be a hybrid approach using contractors and volunteers. Steering Committee members are also building a new website so that information can be shared when available.

Your efforts to rebuild Project Playground, whether through time, energy, ideas, or money, is what will make the rebuild and new Project Playground a great success. Rebuilding will likely start next spring.