Buy Pickets

Buy a fence picket & support fundraising efforts!

Get your pickets while there are still some left.

Deadline for picket purchase is August 12, 2018.

Purchase a picket and be a part of the awesome Rebuild of Project Playground.

We are rebuilding Project Playground. CBJ insurance and risk management funds and initial donations have helped get the process started. Our goals are to improve safety and accessibility, and these goals require quite a bit more funding, so we have revived a community fundraiser, fence pickets. Surround the new Project Playground with your love.

We will honor the people who donated previously but this is your chance to get a picket for the new Playground. Thank you for your support rebuilding Project Playground. Please email with any questions. One of our Steering Committee members will get back to you!!

Individuals and families can purchase fence pickets for $60.00. Businesses can purchase pickets for $120.00. The pickets will allow up to 17 letters (spaces count!) to be engraved in ALL CAPS. Multiple pickets may be purchased for longer messages and placed in order on the fence.

To order a picket, please fill-in, print, and mail this Picket Order Form (pdf).