Cleanup to Start Tuesday, 6/20

City and Borough of Juneau - Alaska's Capital City

June 16, 2017

Project Playground cleanup to start Tuesday
Process expected to take about a week

Cleanup of the burned Project Playground site at Twin Lakes is expected to start on Tuesday, June 20. The City and Borough of Juneau has contracted with local company GR Cheeseman Construction to clean up the playground, which was destroyed by a fire April 24.

The cleanup involves removing all structural equipment, rubber components and any remaining burned layers, all of which will be brought to the landfill in covered trucks. After everything is removed, the soil will be tested to confirm there’s no contamination from the burned materials.

During parts of the process, the cleanup crew will be wearing respirators and protective clothing. Since the fire, CBJ has worked closely with an environmental testing firm to monitor the materials being removed from the site. The firm deemed the area safe for general exposure, but recommended the cleanup crew wear protection as a caution due to the length of time working directly with the burned debris. Air quality will be monitored throughout the cleanup process, and there is no safety concern to the general public. Community members can continue to use the surrounding area, but are encouraged to stay away from the immediate cleanup area to allow the crew to do their work unimpeded.

The cleanup process will include removing the personalized fence pickets that surround the playground. While many pickets were destroyed by the fire, those in legible condition will be saved and stored.

Parks & Recreation is closing the restrooms and shelter at Twin Lakes during the cleanup, but will make portable toilets available in the parking lot. Most of the parking area will be used for increased truck traffic and other equipment. The public can access the Twin Lakes walking path from the bus stop.

The contractor expects cleanup to take about a week, though no more than two. The cleanup cost of $105,000 is being paid through CBJ insurance. When cleanup is complete, what will be left behind is a fenced off area of dirt or grass – a blank slate for the playground rebuild, scheduled to start spring 2018.


For more information, contact CBJ Parks & Recreation at 586-5226 or email Project Manager Alexandra Pierce at

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